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Totally forgot I had this thing.
Anyhoo, what has been going on in G-land in the last 6 months?

Well, let’s do a list.

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When Hair Bands Go Wrong: Part the first.

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Far be it from me to laugh at other’s misfortune (HA! Who am I kidding!), but  Brett Michaels (he of the 80’s hair band ‘Poison’ fame) has managed to break his nose whilst performing onstage at the Tony Awards.

And, Oh yes…….

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I Know I Shouldn’t, But Sometimes I Just Can’t Help Myself.

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From now on, all auto-erotic asphyxiation should be known as ‘doing the Grasshopper’.

RIP David Carradine

12/08/36 – 03/06/09


Hopefully, you went out with a smile on your face.

The Cost Of A Human Life, or ‘How I Murdered My Wife At The Barrier Reef And All I Got Was This Lousy 12 Month Sentence’.

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Well, we can thank the Australian judicial system for showing us how much a life is worth.

12 months, it seems.

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Under Construction

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